For her latest role as an actress, Maxine Peake had a real-life inspiration. The trailblazing Brit plays the titular character in Netflix’s show Dinnerladies and took on the part after being inspired by her mother Anne who was diagnosed with dementia at age 48. To date, she has played over 30 roles which have been recognized with several awards including three BAFTA nominations and two British Independent Film Award wins

Maxine Peake is an English actress who has been in a range of movies and TV shows. Her highest profile roles are from “Anne” to “Dinnerladies.” Here are her top 5 most famous roles, ranked.

From Anne to Dinnerladies: Maxine Peake's biggest roles ranked

Maxine Peake

Rules of the Game (Photo: REX / Youtube) sees the actress return to the big screen.

Maxine Peake has established herself as one of the best actors working on television since her breakout role in the comedy Dinnerladies. 

If she’s in a new show, you can bet it’ll be worth watching, and she’s in the new drama Rules of the Game, which premieres on One this week. 

The series examines workplace sexual politics by tracking the circumstances leading up to a mysterious murder.

When a corpse is discovered in the reception area of a northern sportswear firm, Maxine’s character Sam reminisces about the circumstances that led up to the occurrence and mulls over some dark memories from her past.

It’s a timely reminder of her acting abilities, if we ever needed one, and an excellent chance to reminisce about some of her best performances. 

From Anne to Dinnerladies, here is a list of Maxine Peake’s most memorable cinematic roles. 



Although James McAvoy, David Threlfall, and Anne-Marie Duff were the more apparent breakout characters of the enormously influential series Shameless, Maxine was so wonderful as Veronica that she could have had her own show. 

She portrayed the Gallaghers’ next-door neighbor and was fantastic in every scene, stealing episode after episode.

The protagonist smoked like a chimney, was always ready for an adventure, and was always loyal to her pals. Maxine was a fantastic match for her and never failed to bring a grin to her face. 



Maxine was in her early twenties when she landed her breakout role in the Victoria Wood comedy Dinnerladies, and it was evident from the outset that she was a talent to watch. 

While her career has seen her play some of the most serious parts in compelling dramas, it was evident in the 1990s program that she had a sense of humour. On the show, she held her own against some of the most celebrated comic performers of their age. 

Dinnerladies was the appropriate launch for the actress’s future career, as she contributed nuance to the part of Veronica Ball that others may have missed. 

Cows are amusing. 


Maxine has shown her ability to evoke sympathy and empathy in audiences on several occasions, but she’s also not afraid to take on more complicated parts. She’s portrayed genuine characters with real faults – and even actual monsters in certain situations, as she did in See No Evil: The Moors Murders, in which she played Moira Hindley. 

Mike Leigh’s Peterloo and brutal Black Mirror episode Metalhead have stood out as highlights over recent years, but Cows are amusing. saw her put in one of the most of multi-faceted performances of her career as the un-PC (and often outright unlikeable) stand-up comedian, battling away to make a living in northern working men’s clubs of the 70s.

This excellent British drama, which also stars Stephen Graham and Paddy Considine, is highly worth seeing if you haven’t already.



We’re cheating a bit by include it on the list since it was a filmed stage production that was released as a limited movie release in 2015, but it would be remiss to discuss Maxine’s career without including this watershed event. 

The first female Hamlet on a major stage since Frances de la Tour in 1979 was seen at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, and it was well worth the wait. 

She delivered a staggering tour de force in the gender switched production, and gave Maxine full range to show off just about everything in her reporteoire. Incendiary in parts, beguiling and contemplative in others, she delivered a staggering tour de force in the gender switched production, and gave Maxine full range to show off just about everything in her reporteoire.



If there was ever a position that demanded seriousness, it was that of Anne Williams, the Hillsborough crusader who campaigned for justice for the 97 deaths until her death in 2013. 

The ITV series is both sensitive and demanding to see, with Maxine’s blazing rage and scorching performance possibly the most difficult of her career to date. 

It rages against injustice and demonstrates amazing unity, showing the real lives at the heart of one of the UK’s most terrible calamities. Maxine also provides amazing courage and poise in the face of unthinkable hardship. 

The program has received universal acclaim, but the most telling comment came from Sara Williams’ daughter, who told writer Kevin Sampson that she had a ‘uncanny’ likeness to her mother in the series. 

Maxine Peake is a well-known actress who has been in a number of

‘There was only ever going to be one person for it, and luckily Maxine didn’t even think twice about it,’ he told News.

‘One mother’s tale had a universal and human quality to it.’

On iPlayer, you can watch Rules of the Game.

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Even Maxine Peake can’t redeem the lackluster #MeToo drama Rules of the Game.

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Anne is a character in “Anne of Green Gables”, and Maxine Peake played her. Maxine has also appeared in other films such as “The Theory of Everything” and “Dinnerladies”. Reference: lisa peake.

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