Farmer is the most important part of our society. He feeds us and he feeds himself, so we must support him by buying his products.
The Indian Farmer remains at the vanguard of development in India but has been neglected for decades, due to lack of attention from all levels of government

The “essay on farmer for class 4” is an essay written by a student in class 4. It is about the life of a farmer. The essay has been divided into paragraphs so that it can be easily read by students.

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The farmer is one of society’s most essential members. He provides food to all people for all practical purposes, and we all rely on agriculture, which the farmers are solely responsible for meeting our food needs.

Farmers are reliant on Mother Nature. 

Essay-On-Rainy-Season-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyThe farmer’s livelihood is reliant on the forces of nature. For agriculture, a sufficient monsoon is needed. Agriculture only produces excellent results when there is enough rain.


However, the farmer must contend with water shortages as well as insufficient rainfall, which may result in a drought. Agriculture is negatively impacted, and there may be a severe food crisis.

Face the Obstacles of Life 

Essay-On-Farmer-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsIn comparison to our everyday lives, the life of a farmer is very difficult. Throughout the season, he worked nonstop, whether it was during the day or at night. Despite the cold and gloomy weather, he puts in long hours throughout the winter season.

Despite the scorching heat of July, he spends his time working on it. He gets soaked while plowing the field during the rainy season.

 The Farmar’s Literacy 

1625965200_362_Essay-On-Rainy-Season-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyThe majority of farmers in our nation are uneducated. They can’t even write or read. Money lenders take advantage of them because of his illiteracy. They are unaware of their legal rights due to their lack of education.

What Are The Economic Constraints? 

Essay-On-Farmer-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsThe farmer makes money by selling his produce. If the crops produce a good harvest, he is content. However, if he fails to produce higher-quality crops, his existence would be unhappy.


A farmer suffers from an abnormal rise in output that occurs uniformly across all locations. In such situations, surplus harvests are squandered, and the price of selling crops falls.

Poor Hygiene and Sanitation 

1625968125_412_Essay-On-Farmer-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsThe farmer has just a rudimentary understanding of the advantages of keeping a sanitary environment. The majority of farmers are ignorant of or have no knowledge of the facts concerning contaminated drinking water that may cause health problems.

In addition, the sewage system in the small town is insufficient. Because our community has few medical services, farmers are unable to get treatment for their illnesses.

There Is A Way To Improve The Farmers’ Situation:

Insurance that is appropriate

1625968125_917_Essay-On-Farmer-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsCrop failure may occur for a variety of causes, therefore appropriate insurance services would be helpful to the farmer.

Corruption needs to be reduced.

1625968126_960_Essay-On-Farmer-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsPeople should keep corruption under control so that the benefits of different schemes reach the farmers, and the situation improves as a consequence.


We, the people of India, are solely reliant on farmers for food, which is one of our most basic needs in life. The regulations for the benefit are seldom communicated to the farmer.

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The “importance of farmers essay” is a short essay that discusses the importance of farmers in society.

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A: Farmer is a slang term for someone who has the ability to plant crops, care for livestock and generally tend to farm-related tasks.

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