You will not be able to say that you are dedicated or responsible if your child is disrespectful, lazy and disobedient. You need to discipline them in order for them to become disciplined individuals.

This essay on discipline for class 4 students in easy words is a short essay that will help you to understand what discipline means.

Essay On About Discipline For Class 4 Students In Easy Words – Read Here


If we see any successful person, in the first meeting itself, we get us to know that they are so well disciplined in their life. Discipline should always walk with a person; it will help them to lead a happy and satisfied life.

What Is Discipline

An act of rules and regulation which we follow from our childhood till the end of our life to make it different from others is said as a discipline. A well-disciplined person performs their work in the right way and in a given time.

Discipline In Daily Life

From our childhood days, we follow many rules and regulation in school and at home. Like waking up on time for school, brushing, bathing, going school on time, doing homework on time, etc. this all rules we set because we want to be in discipline.

To live an organized life one should follow the path of discipline as early as possible. Life without discipline is like the tree of dates, which no doubt bears the fruits but its very far to get, and also does not give shadow to anyone.

Students Life

Discipline plays a vital role in student life. It teaches the students how to behave, talk and so on. No one in the world can be educated by lacking the habit of discipline. If a student is possessing good discipline from the school days itself no doubt he/she will surely become successful later on in his/her life.

Discipline shows the attitude of a person. What type of mentality they have. Discipline also provide inner strength when we face a crisis in life.

Self Discipline

The people who went in the wrong direction, self-discipline can work magically for them. Self-discipline guides them to overcome addictions like smoke, alcohol, etc. Again to enhance the spiritual growth one has to be well self-disciplined.

One can develop the habit of self-discipline by removing temptations, by setting up their goals in life.

Importance Of Discipline

Self Discipline is the key to success. It helps in motivating oneself in completing the given task. For the adults, Discipline is very necessary not only for them but also for the sake of their children. It is just the parent’s action which child follow directly or indirectly.

To make their child Discipline one should follow the disciplined path immediately. One cannot become successful without discipline. Discipline is not only necessary at home, but it also plays a vital role in the workplace. We have always seen that the owner of any company or industry always comes on time and accurately do their work.

Discipline brings proper structure to the life of a person

Maintenance Of Discipline

One can maintain discipline by balancing the workplace and home equally. One has to set a goal in their life to be disciplined.


In this busy world, no one has time for others. One should always catch hand of self-discipline. Discipline right from childhood till the last age of life can make us very impressive throughout life and also later.

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The “2000 word essay on discipline” is a 2000 word essay about discipline for class 4 students. The article will give you an idea of what it means to be disciplined and how to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is discipline short essay?

A: Discipline is a set of rules that define how we behave.

What is discipline simple words?

How do you write a discipline paragraph?

A: To write a discipline paragraph, you will want to start by writing out the definition of the word. Next, provide an example that is related to your topic and try not to use too many examples. Lastly, put information on what makes your sentence sound more persuasive and interesting.

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