The highly anticipated Six Days in Fallujah, a video game based on the battle in Iraq’s second-largest city, was delayed to accommodate the need for realism.

Victura, the game’s publisher, confirmed the game’s postponement on their website. The game will now be released in Q4 of 2022, rather than later in 2021.

Victura CEO Peter Tamte claims that the delay would enable the publisher to increase its development staff. The developer Highwire Games will practically double in size during the next year.

The following is the statement:

It became evident that reproducing these historical tales to a high standard would need more personnel, money, and time than we had available.

Doubling our staff is simply one of the many things we’re doing to ensure that Six Days in Fallujah provides military shooters with unprecedented levels of tactical and emotional complexity.

Six Days in Fallujah has had a lengthy development cycle since it was initially revealed in 2009. The Second Battle of Fallujah, which took place in 2004, is the inspiration for the game. During the Iraq War, it is regarded the most violent phase.

However, the game is not without criticism.

The way the game simplified the politics of the United States’ presence in the Middle East drew criticism. The game was also panned by British combat veterans.

Before it was re-announced in February 2021, Six Days in Fallujah was stuck in development hell. However, the news sparked a new wave of criticism.

The game was created in partnership with around 100 Marines, troops, and Iraqi citizens, according to Victura.


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