So you’ve downloaded all the latest apps, you’ve updated your OS, and you’ve even installed a brand new launcher. The only problem is, your contacts stopped working on your phone. You’re not alone. The reason for contact loss on Android devices is usually due to a double-tap that has gone wrong. The problem is that Android phones use a very different method of handling taps from iOS devices, and the result can be a loss of contact data.

If you haven’t heard, there is a major bug in the contacts app on the Galaxy S21 that makes it so you can no longer manage your contacts. A lot of folks look to this page to solve their problem, but a lot of times the fixes they find are just a band-aid for a larger problem. This guide aims to show you the real problem, and how to fix it.

Many of us have had this problem, or something akin to it – the nightmare of missing a contact on your phone, even after they had last had it.

With the ever-increasing amount of contacts on our phones, it’s critical to maintain storing them as they accumulate; otherwise, keeping track of who’s calling you becomes almost difficult.

This also implies that if your contacts vanish without warning, it will be a major issue. We’ll go through a couple solutions in this post that may help you address the issue.

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Try these methods if your Android contacts go missing.

In this case, disabling and re-enabling contact synchronization is your best option. This is how you do it.


  • Go to your phone’s settings and choose Accounts.
  • Go to your Google account and sign in.
  • Select Account sync from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle the contact sync slider on and off many times.

Restart your phone, and all of your contacts should appear.

If the error in the contacts app is caused by a bug, upgrading it will most likely solve the problem. Look for updates to whatever contact app you’re using on the Google Play Store. Update your app if any are available and try again.

Clearing your contacts app’s data and forcing it to retrieve contacts afresh may also help you fix the issue.


  • Open your phone’s settings and head over to Apps & notifications.
  • Tap See the whole list of applications.
  • In the list, look for Contacts.


  • Tap Storage & cache.
  • To clear all data, use the Clear storage and Clear cache buttons.

You should be fine to go after restarting your phone. 

Resetting app settings may assist to refresh and restart system applications. 

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  • Head over your phone’s settings and tap on Apps & notifications.
  • Select See all applications from the drop-down menu. 
  • In the top-right corner, tap the three vertical dots. 
  • Reset the app’s preferences by pressing the Reset button.

Restart your phone, and you should be good to go.

If nothing else works, try deleting and re-adding your Google account.

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  • Go to the Accounts section of your phone’s settings.
  • Go to your Google account and sign in. 
  • Remove the account by tapping it.

Now you may go ahead and re-add your account.

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Try these methods if your contacts on an iOS device go missing.

Simply restarting your iPhone is one of the easiest and simplest methods to solve almost any issue with it. Restarting the device may resolve a variety of apparently unrelated problems, such as lost contacts.

Similar to Android, stopping and reenabling contact synchronization may aid in the recovery of lost contacts.


  • At the top of the Settings screen, tap on your Apple ID account name.
  • Tap iCloud on the following screen.
  • Then, beneath Contacts, touch the toggle button.
  • Tap Merge from the list of choices at the bottom. This will combine any contacts that were previously backed up on your iCloud account with those that are already on your iPhone.

If you restart your phone, your lost contacts should appear.

Resetting the network settings on iOS may also assist with synchronization and other problems. 


  • Scroll down to General and touch it.
  • Reset by pressing the Reset button.
  • There’s a button there that says Reset Network Settings. Reset your network stack by tapping on it.

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With every new phone I upgrade, I lose contacts. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to get them back. And the bad news is that I’ve had to go through this process multiple times. Sometimes it’s because I accidentally deleted the contacts from my phone. Other times they get deleted from the cloud.. Read more about phone contacts disappeared iphone and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have my Contacts disappeared from my iPhone 8?

The contacts have not disappeared, but rather they have been hidden. To redisplay them, tap the Recents icon, scroll to the bottom, and tap Contacts. Q: How can I remove my Google Chrome history? Google Chrome stores your browsing history,

Why is my phone Contacts disappeared?

Google moved Contacts from the phone to their servers. To see your contacts again, select the Other tab in Google Contacts, and select the Android option. Currently, this is the only way to access your contacts. Q: How do you make the head (or object

Why do my Contacts keep disappearing on my iPhone?

The Contacts application on many iPhone models is not the most reliable. It is not uncommon for your iPhone Contacts to disappear. The best way to get around this issue is to sync your iPhone to your iCloud account (if you have one) and then use your iCloud account on your computer to sync your

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