This week, a Carnival ship was the target of a data breach affecting thousands of passengers and crew members. According to the company, it was the largest breach (by number of passengers) in its history. The breach happened as a result of a software vulnerability that allowed the hackers to take control of the ship’s computer network. As a result, the company said the hackers were able to access guest and crew member reservations as well as personal information including names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

A data breach involving a Carnival Cruise Line ship early last month is the latest in a string of hacks impacting information of all sizes and from all kinds of sources, including government agencies, businesses and individuals.

Carnival Cruise Lines has been the subject of another data breach, where some of their customers’ personal information was accessed, according to a report.

Carnival Corporation has suffered a data breach in its computer systems for the third time this year. The cruise line said Thursday that it had discovered unauthorized access to its computer system in March of this year.

The company alerted regulators and hired a cyber security firm to investigate the hack. This is the third case of a security breach of the company’s computer systems.

Last August, Carnival Corporation was the victim of a ransomware attack that also affected P&O UK and Cunard Line, and in December the German company AIDA was the victim of a cyber attack.

The data breach, which occurred in March this year, appears to be related to the US brand’s cruise lines.

Low risk of data misuse

The company’s shares quickly fell 2% after the report was released, even though the hack had been reported as early as the 19th. March of this year. This is according to an email in the possession of the tech news portal Bleeping Computer, which first reported the hack. The company acted quickly to close the incident and prevent further unauthorized access.

The breach involved the personal information of certain customers, employees and crew members of Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Medical Operations, Carnival Corporation said.

This information included data collected during the customer’s stay and booking process, personnel data such as COVID and security checks, names, addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers, dates of birth, health information and, in limited cases, additional personal information such as social security numbers or national identification numbers.

The company also stated:

The 19th. In March 2021, unauthorized third-party access to a limited number of email accounts was discovered. We took immediate action to close the incident and prevent further unauthorized access. A leading cyber security firm has been engaged to investigate the matter and the relevant regulatory authorities have been notified. All indications are that the risk of data misuse is low.

Carnival Corporation stated that it has set up a call centre for those affected and has already contacted all those affected. The company also offers 18 months of free credit monitoring and identity theft detection services.

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Carnival has had problems before

This is not the first data breach at Carnival Corporation. Last August, the UK offices of Cunard Line and P&O UK were attacked by ransomware. In December 2020, the German company AIDA fell victim to a cyber attack.

In the case of the British cruise lines, the problem lies mainly with the phone systems and booking portals of the customer agents. In a ransomware attack, corporate data falls into the hands of the hostile organization and is not released until a sum of money is paid.

Ransomware attacks occur, for example. For example, by opening phishing emails that then expose the system to hostile intentions. The AIDA attack forced the cruise line to cancel cruises on the AIDAMar and the AIDAPerla.

The March attack came at a time when the cruise line is struggling to revitalize its nine brands around the world. It is unlikely that the attack will have serious consequences for Carnival Corporation. However, it will want to look at its operational safety systems.

In the past few months, Carnival Cruises and its parent company, CCL Holdings, have been hit with two separate data breaches involving the theft of customer data from its website. In the first, a hacker was able to obtain passwords to more than 1.6 million accounts from the company by exploiting a bug in the website’s authentication process. The second involved attackers obtaining details on the company’s current and former employees (including terms and conditions, email addresses, and phone numbers), as well as the names, addresses, and nationalities of traveling company guests and crew members.. Read more about holland america data breach and let us know what you think.

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