In a recent radio interview, the Miami Dolphins’ owner explained why he refused to trade for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Little did anyone know that this was only the beginning of yet another wild offseason in NFL free agency- and that it would give way to a frenzied 24 hours filled with trade rumors involving every team imaginable.

The “who is tom brady playing for” is a question that has been asked by many. The answer to this question, is the Miami Dolphins.

Bucs Rumors: Insider Reveals Dolphins’ Trade Offer for Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Getty The whispers regarding Tom Brady aren’t going away anytime soon.

Tom Brady is reportedly in talks with the Miami Dolphins on his mini-retirement tour away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to reports. NBC Sports’ Chris Simms said on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” on April 22, 2022 that the Dolphins intended to trade a second-round pick to the Buccaneers for Brady.

Brady would have had an ownership share in the Dolphins and would have come out of retirement to be the team’s QB1 if the quarterback was able to secure NFL consent, according to Simms. The biggest reason Brady did not join the Dolphins, according to the expert, was Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the team.

Despite the Bucs’ public posturing, Simms said that the front management would not “keep him hostage” if Brady wanted to play for another club. According to Simms, Miami was also willing to transfer a first-round pick to the Saints in order for Sean Payton to become the team’s next head coach.

Simms stated, “I was encouraged to assume that it [had] previously been discussed.” “To obtain Brady, they were willing to send a second-round selection to Tampa Bay.” They had no intention of holding him captive.

“The was supposed to be a first-round selection for Sean Payton and the Saints to get that transaction done.” And, according to what I’ve been informed, Sean Payton is the head coach, Brady is the quarterback, and Bruce Beal is a part owner. ‘Oh yes, I retired, but oh wait, I changed my mind,’ I’ll give him some time. This Dolphins stuff is fantastic.’ Then return to Miami to play with the Dolphins. That was the idea all along. Brady and Sean Payton were attempting to align the stars there, and it was all thrown off by the [Flores case].”

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Tampa Bay’vehemently denies’ having discussed a trade with Miami.

Play After leaving the Buccaneers, Tom Brady was going to be the Dolphins’ owner AND quarterback?! Pat McAfee’s Reaction Tom Brady is the only player in the current NFL who qualifies as both an owner and a player. It would have been CRAZY if this had happened. This is a segment from The Pat McAfee Show, which airs LIVE from Noon to 3PM EST Monday through Friday. What are you doing if you aren’t playing FanDuel? To learn more, go to 2022-04-08T20:00:06Z

We may never know the complete circumstances behind Brady’s temporary retirement until he shares the specifics in a future tell-all documentary. According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers “vehemently deny” having discussed a Brady deal with the Dolphins.

On April 23, Stroud tweeted, “Love Chris Simms but Bucs firmly deny they had even ONE talk with Dolphins about Tom Brady.” “They also say that they did not approach Texans about Deshaun Watson or his representatives.” According to Chris Simms, the Dolphins offered Tom Brady a second-round pick.

Brady’s comeback to the Bucs was sparked, according to Simms, by the club phoning the renowned quarterback and informing him that they were exploring other possibilities.

‘I’m not trading the best quarterback ever,’ Arians says of Brady trade rumors.

Watch a video Insider video discloses the Dolphins’ trade offer to the Buccaneers for Tom Brady: report 2022-04-23T20:11:14-04:00

When Bruce Arians was still the Bucs’ head coach and Brady was still active, the idea that Tampa might assist orchestrate a trade for Brady to another club was dismissed. Brady would later come out of retirement, while Arians would leave his position as head coach in favor of a front office advising role.

“Nope. In a March 1 interview with NFL Network, Arians said, “Bad business.” “I’m not going to trade the greatest quarterback in history.”

Before even considering a Brady trade, Arians joked that the Buccaneers would want five first-round draft selections. When asked whether there was anything that might persuade the organization to alter its mind about moving Brady, the then-Bucs coach said no.

During his March 1 news conference at the NFL Combine, Arians quipped, “Five No. 1s, maybe, maybe.” “… No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no We’ll play golf, and if I win, he’ll have to return.”

Whatever the case may be, Brady will be the Buccaneers’ quarterback in 2022. Brady will retire at the conclusion of the season, according to Simms, who also claims that he wanted to join the Dolphins before the Flores case.

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