Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield announced his retirement from social media on Wednesday. The decision comes after a controversial tweet that called President Trump racist last week.
Mayfield’s Twitter account remains active, but will no longer be used to post content in the future and is being transitioned into an advice account for football players looking to learn about life outside of sport or have questions about their personal lives.

The “bengals qb” announced his social media exit on Wednesday. He is the second player in the NFL to do so this week.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield Announces Social Media Exit


Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns, courtesy of Getty Images.

Baker Mayfield has had a difficult year, and the Cleveland Browns quarterback stated on Tuesday that he would be taking a break from social media for the “foreseeable future.”

This season, Mayfield has faced a barrage of online criticism, and he’s interacted with some of the trolls, most notably like a critical tweet from local media member and former NFL player Dustin Fox.

Mayfield said on Instagram that he was “getting off all social media for the foreseeable future.” “I’ve got to concentrate on myself, my family, and my loved ones.” Thank you very much for your help. “It’s time to make things right.”



Mayfield’s decision was likely influenced by the recent back-and-forth over his future, as well as the fact that he just had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder. He’ll begin physical therapy shortly, but he doesn’t need to hear any negative comments while he strives to regain his health.

Browns Coach Is Warned About Using Social Media

“We’ll look at what we can do better for 2022,” Kevin Stefanski says. On January 10th, 2022, Kevin Stefanski speaks to the press. #PressConference2022-01-10T21:14:52Z #MondayMedia

Mayfield mentioned the poison of social media for the second time in as many days. Following a fantastic AFC Divisional Round performance, Mayfield was struck by several ricochet bullets and took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

Mayfield commented, “Congratulations to all teams going on.” “This weekend saw some very contested football. It was enjoyable to see. I’d much prefer be playing, but it was entertaining to watch.

“Nevertheless… Social networking is poisonous. I always maintained a close circle around myself. It’s time to go back to work on it. “Only family and loved ones.”

Nevertheless… Social networking is poisonous. I always maintained a close circle around myself. It’s time to go back to work on it. Only family and close ones are allowed. 🤟🏼

January 24, 2022 — Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield)

When the season finished, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski recognized some of the downsides of social media, but also said that his team used it more than others.

Stefanski stated, “I believe you simply have to be extremely cautious.” “I believe that everyone should exercise extreme caution while using social media since most of it is background noise, as we have already discussed.” “I believe you just have to be cautious what you put out there because once it’s out there, it’s out there forever,” says the author.

Mayfield is adamant about proving his critics wrong.

Mayfield was hurting from the start last season, injured his shoulder while attempting to make a tackle after an interception in Week 2. Mayfield fought through the injury, but was handicapped by the fact that he had to wear a brace on his non-throwing shoulder, something offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt discussed towards the conclusion of the season.

Van Pelt added, “It’s absolutely something that’s hampered him.” “You can see in his mechanics that the left half of his body gets trapped in there at times, and it’s a battle for him.” … Hopefully, without the harness, Baker’s throwing mechanics will be back to normal next year. He has persevered in the face of adversity. We admire his fortitude in the face of adversity, and we are aware that he is wounded. That’s where I’m going to leave it.”

According to ESPN, Mayfield had surgery on January 19 and is expected to be cleared for training camp. The former first-round choice is determined to disprove his critics.

“The surgery went well. Mayfield stated in a video broadcast on social media that the event “was a total success.” “Now it’s time to get back on track. It’s one of those stages toward rediscovering my own self…. “My narrative does not stop here.”

Dr. Limpisvasti and his staff deserve credit for a successful procedure. This will just be a little setback… I’m looking forward to being healed and back to my old self. Thank you, and may God bless you.

January 19, 2022 — Baker Mayfield (@bakermayfield)

Last season, Mayfield threw 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions while leading the Browns to an 8-9 record.

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