YouTube is such a great platform for content creators, because they use it to share their life with the world, and at the same time they can earn great money by doing so. You can learn a lot from YouTube, and also make a lot of money from it.

It’s that time of year again where you’re running around trying find the best videos to watch, and as you peek at the most popular YouTube channels looking for something new to watch, you sort of get this feeling like you’re missing something, like you’re kind of seeing more of the YouTube channel than the actual content. It’s like you’re just kinda watching the videos because of the channel, not really looking at what’s there, but more at what’s not there.

If you’re looking for a list of best YouTube channels to subscribe, then this article is for you. YouTube has become an extremely important part of our lives, and it’s important to do your research before subscribing to channels. Whether you’re looking for a cooking channel, a lifestyle channel, a gaming channel, or a video on technology, we’ve got you covered.. Read more about best youtube channels 2020 and let us know what you think.

YouTube is the most amazing site for videos in recent years, as well as new viral videos and music videos across all platforms. But gaining subscribers on YouTube is not easy, you have to work very hard and create cheap content to do it.

But today, most YouTubers have a large number of YouTube subscribers that they connect with through unique content. You’re here to talk about the top 5 YouTube subscribers. The best way to increase subscribers on YouTube is to offer unique, fresh, engaging and funny content. These YouTube channels have earned diamond buttons on YouTube thanks to the highest number of views and subscribers.

Top 5 YouTube channels with the most subscribers

Below we have listed the top 5 most subscribed YouTube channels, based on the number of subscribers.

1. PewDiePie

This YouTube channel is hosted by Felix Kjellberg, the Swedish king of YouTube. 28 years later, there’s no room for children. He is also known for his racist statements and anti-Semitic videos, his sympathy for Nazis, and then for standing up for new things. Check out the hilarious videos of this amazing man on YouTube.


2. Dude Perfect

This incredible entertainment channel was launched in 2008. In his videos, he conveys the message of faith with great talent. In essence, it has a higher calling – to illustrate Jesus Christ in every way possible. This YouTube channel is trying to use this platform for something bigger with faith. Join this YouTube channel for a journey of faith.


3. HolaSoyGerman

This YouTube channel is used by Garmendia. It has been successful on two YouTube channels and has received two Diamond Play buttons. He also researches books, plays in a band and participates in the Greenpeace campaign. Join this channel via the link below. This YouTube channel is the 3rd most visited channel in the world.


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4. Finder’s sonar

Windersson Nunes is the most popular Brazilian YouTuber without a shirt. He is widely known for his pop parodies and his latest hits. He has about 32 million subscribers, making him the 4th most subscribed YouTuber. Check out his funniest parodies by clicking the link below to his YouTube channel.


5. elrubiusOMG

Ruben Doblas Gundersen is the host of this YouTube channel, which is the fifth most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. He is 28 years old and mainly broadcasts the gameplay of different games. He is a Spaniard who gives interviews and tells about different adventures in his tape. This YouTube channel is the 5th most subscribed channel in the world with about 32 million subscribers.


Concluding remarks

We’ve listed the top 5 most subscribed YouTube channels in the world. These YouTubers have different types of content on different types of channels, but these are the most popular YouTube channels in the world. Share this article with your video loving friends to let them know about these great YouTube channels on the site.If you’re new to YouTube, you’ve probably noticed the number of channels promoting their content by telling you to subscribe. They’ll often do this by telling you how much you’ll enjoy watching their channel. Well, we’ve decided to take the time to find out which channels are worth your time and attention. We’ve created a list of the best YouTube channels based on their quality of content, and whether or not they actually deliver on their promises.. Read more about best youtube channels for adults only and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What YouTubers should I subscribe to?

Here are some YouTubers that are worth subscribing to: The Fine Bros The Game Theorists The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys The Slow Mo Guys

Who is number 1 on YouTube right now?

The top YouTube video right now is a video of a man who is trying to break the Guinness World Record for longest time spent playing the game “Pong” on a Nintendo Entertainment System.

Which channel is best for YouTube?

The best channel to watch YouTube on is YouTube.

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