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Best 10 White 2

Are you in need of a high-quality white 2-drawer file cabinet for your office?

If that’s the case, keep reading!

We looked for the finest versions on the market that were both robust and strong, with lots of storage space for a range of office purposes. Take a look at our list, and don’t forget to read our purchasing guide for more information.

White 2-drawer Filing Cabinets: Top 10


Devaise File Cabinet on Wheels

Construction of Metal Devaise might be an excellent choice for your requirements if you’re seeking for a small and robust filing cabinet for your file folders. This file cabinet comes completely constructed and fits under most desks. It has a metal build that is both robust and strong. The dimensions of the product are 15.4″ wide, 23.6″ tall, and 18.9″ deep.


Commercial-grade standards This commercial-grade white 2-drawer cabinet for filing vertically is ideal for high-volume work scenarios. Devaise can hold up to 330 pounds of weight. It has five casters that swivel that allow for seamless mobility. Two large drawers glide on full extension smooth glide slides. Both drawers are secured with a built-in lock.

Points to Consider:

  • pedestal filing cabinet for small spaces
  • totally put together
  • Metal structure for long-term use
  • a large carrying capacity
  • five swivel casters
  • two large storage drawers


Lateral File Cabinet Bonnlo

High Capacity Loading If you have a lot of file folders and documentation, the Bonnlo lateral file cabinet might be a great answer to your storage problems. A one-year limited warranty is included. The overall measurements are 35.5″ wide, 17.7″ deep, and 28.7″ tall. The maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds.


Drawers with plenty of space The construction of this white 2-drawer lateral file cabinet is recommended for two or three individuals, according to the manufacturer. Adjustable metal hanging bars for letter/legal-size files are provided in two roomy drawers. The middle lock on this steel file cabinet locks two drawers at the same time.

Points to Consider:

  • structure made of solid steel
  • It is necessary to assemble the item.
  • there are two large drawers
  • metal hanging bars that may be adjusted
  • Both drawers are secured by the middle lock.
  • a large carrying capacity


File Cabinet by Bush Furniture

Collection of Echoes This Echo series was created by Bush Furniture and is excellent for individuals searching for commercial-grade furniture with a modern appearance. This model comes in two colors: pure white and grey sand. Engineered wood is utilized for the construction, which has a thermally fused laminate finish.


Drawers with full extension This 2-drawer white wood file cabinet has been tested and fulfills ANSI/BIFMA quality requirements. In addition, the manufacturer offers a three-year guarantee. Two roomy drawers glide on full-extension ball-bearing slides in the Echo file cabinet. They can hold letter and legal-size documents.

Points to Consider:

  • a filing cabinet of professional quality
  • modern design that is elegant
  • Two hues are offered.
  • engineered wood is a long-lasting material.
  • satisfies all safety and quality requirements
  • A Warranty period: 3 years is included.


Steel Mobile File Cabinet Scranton

The Scranton vertical file cabinet by Four Casters is a sleek white vertical file cabinet. With a height of 26.5″, a width of 14.2″, and a depth of 18″, this is a lightweight object. A set of casters is included in the kit. You can move this white 2-drawer mobile file cabinet in any direction after you’ve attached them.


Drawers that can be locked It is made of robust steel and painted in a contemporary white tone. Scranton is scratch-resistant and simple to clean and maintain. Two large drawers have a lock mechanism that locks both drawers at the same time. Letter-size files may be stored in full high-side drawers.

Points to Consider:

  • vertical filing cabinet, modern
  • object that is light in weight
  • Included is a set of casters.
  • structure made of steel
  • scratches-resistant
  • both drawers have a built-in lock


Aurora is a contemporary filing cabinet.

Item that is dependable Aurora is a practical and stylish white metal file cabinet with two drawers for personal usage. The product has a height of 25.1″, a width of 15.5″, and a depth of 20.7″. It comes ready to file and requires no assembly. Smooth mobility is made possible with easy-roll casters. Two of the front casters have brakes.


Construction of High Quality It’s built of solid metal and has an anti-rust electrostatic spraying finish for long-term use. Smooth drawer operation is ensured by high-quality drawer glide suspension. For hanging file folder arrangement, drawers are provided with file frames. Tipping is prevented by the interlock function.

Points to Consider:

  • personal file cabinet that is dependable
  • Swivel casters are included.
  • There is no requirement for assembling.
  • structure made of solid metal
  • spray-on anti-rust finish
  • smooth drawer operation
  • safety interlock mechanism


Modern File Cabinet with Direction

Direction of a Narrow File Cabinet Modern is a one-of-a-kind slim file cabinet that’s ideal for home offices and small offices. It allows you to save your workplace materials and papers in a comfortable personal storage area. You may select between two colors: white and silver. The total measurements are 9″ wide, 18.2″ tall, and 22″ deep.


Steel Structures When it arrives at your home, this low-cost file cabinet will need to be assembled. Its heavy-duty design is made of high-quality steel. A detachable stationery tray is included in the top drawer, and letter/legal size file folders are kept in the bottom drawer. Two keys are included with the white 2-drawer filing cabinet.

Points to Consider:

  • small filing cabinet in contemporary style
  • Two hues are offered.
  • assembly is required
  • fabrication of heavy-gauge steel
  • A file drawer with a box drawer
  • Both drawers are secured with a built-in lock.


FireKing File Cabinet (Fire-Resistant)

Construction is strong and durable. One of the most popular fireproof file cabinets on the market is FireKing. It’s made in the United States and comes completely constructed. It measures 28″ in height, 18″ in breadth, and 22″ in depth and weighs 140 pounds. FireKing comes in eleven different hues. Heavy-duty steel is used in the construction.


Safe that is hidden The fake drawer panel is intelligently constructed to hide a safe. The electrostatic powder-coated coating adds durability and scratch resistance to the surface. The Medeco lock on this white 2-drawer fireproof file cabinet is of outstanding quality. The FireKing has a 1-hour fire rating and a maximum interior temperature of 350°F.

Points to Consider:

  • the most well-known fireproof filing cabinet manufacturer
  • completely built when it arrives
  • fabrication of heavy-duty steel
  • surface that is scratch-resistant
  • a secret safe
  • Medeco lock of excellent quality


2 Drawer Bonnlo File Cabinet

Completely Assembled On this list, there are two Bonnlo models. This one has a vertical design that works well in small places. Except for the casters, everything comes completely constructed. For missing components, installation troubles, and damage, the manufacturer offers a 3-year guarantee. The dimensions of the product are 14.5″ W x 19.7″ D x 26.3″ H.


Construction is strong and durable. The heavy-duty structure is constructed of thick, reinforced steel panels that have been electrostatically powder coated. As a result, this white steel 2-drawer file cabinet is strong and durable. It has five casters that may be removed for simple maneuverability. Letter-legal file folders fit well in two big filing drawers.

Points to Consider:

  • vertical file cabinet
  • perfect for a tiny room
  • totally put together
  • 3-year warranty
  • steel that is thick and strengthened
  • powder electrostatic coating
  • two substantial filing drawers


Broadview File Cabinet by Bush Furniture

Bush Furniture created this tiny and traditional-inspired filing cabinet in pure white. Choose from two colors: espresso oak and pure white. Engineered wood is used to construct this Broadview filing cabinet. Assembly is required, and the kit includes all essential hardware, tools, and instructions.


Surface that is scratch-resistant This compact white 2-drawer file cabinet is 30″ tall, 23.1″ wide, and 23.1″ deep. Its surface is resistant to scratches, stains, and normal wear and tear. Two drawers – a box drawer and a file drawer – are ideal for keeping office supplies and letter-size file folders organized. This model is up to par in terms of quality.

Points to Consider:

  • white filing cabinet
  • constructed of long-lasting wood
  • assembly is required
  • two file drawers and a drawer for office materials
  • fulfill safety and quality requirements


Lateral File Cabinet LSM

Cabinet for storing large files The LSM file cabinet is a huge lateral file cabinet with a lot of storage capacity. Solid metal and stainless steel plates are used to form the structure. Its surface is scratch and stain resistant. The white two-drawer file cabinet from LSM is sturdy enough to hold your printer, scanner, or books. Before you start assembling, watch the installation video.


Design that is anti-tilt A lateral file cabinet metal model, instructions, tools, and hardware are included in the kit. Its entire measurements are 17.7″ deep, 28.8″ tall, and 35.4″ wide. You can lock both drawers at the same time with a single lock. Because of the anti-tilt system, you can only access one drawer at a time while the other is locked.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral file cabinet with plenty of space
  • Included is a video tutorial.
  • metal structure that is robust and long-lasting
  • there are two large drawers
  • anti-tilt system is a device that prevents a person from tilting

The White 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet: Everything You Need to Know

White 2-drawer file cabinets are available in a variety of materials. As a result, you should understand more about file cabinets and their characteristics before making a purchase. Our shopping guide provides up-to-date information that you can trust.

Vertical/Lateral – There are two kinds of file cabinets available: vertical and lateral. The lateral file cabinets have wider drawers, but they take up more room. Vertical file cabinets, on the other hand, have a smaller footprint and more depth. Select the kind that best matches your home office or work environment.

File Cabinet Construction – Steel, metal, wood, plastic, and other materials may be used to construct file cabinets. White metal file cabinets are very robust and solid, and they are often used in workplaces. Wooden models are more frequent in home offices than in business settings.

Locking Mechanism – Many individuals in the corporate world deal with secret material. They should opt for a file cabinet with locked drawers to keep them appropriately. File cabinets with a central/single built-in lock that locks all drawers at the same time are the most common.

Rolling Casters – You may need to transfer your file cabinet from one location to another, so look for a model with casters. You may move the object in any direction using them. Check to see whether the casters have brakes for a more solid installation. Five-caster models are more stable.

Product Warranty – We always recommend that consumers purchase a product that comes with a warranty. A six-month warranty is the bare minimum. During that period, you’ll be able to determine if the structure is solid and robust, as well as how the file cabinet handles stored objects. The longer the warranty period, the more dependable the product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Pokemon in White 2?

A: The best Pokemon in White 2 is probably Pignite, followed by Emboar.

What happened to Route 10 in bw2?

A: In Beat Saber, there is a Route 10 that needs to be completed for 100% completion. However, it was moved because of the games current location in VR space and you need to follow your on-screen instructions if you want to complete Road 10 properly.

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