Beats has had a rocky few years, but their product line has a lot of potential. This is especially true of the Solo3, which looks like it will be the best Beats product in years. What’s more, it’s the first one to come with a wireless connection, which is kind of a big deal. Don’t take my word for it: check out our in-depth review of the Solo3.

Beats Solo3 headphones are the most powerful on-ear headphones you can get. The Solo3 is the first wireless headphone with a built in amplifier. This means that you can use the Solo3 with your phone, gaming console, TV, and other devices with Bluetooth.

If you are a music lover like me, you must already have a pair of wireless headphones. However, if you are like me, you might still be using a pair of wired headphones that your dad gave you 10 years ago! But I am sure you don’t agree with my judgement. Beats Solo3 are a pair of wireless headphone that you no longer have to rely on a cord to listen to your favorite tracks.

beats solo3 wireless on-ear headphoneWireless on-ear headphones that are the best

On-ear headphones are often smaller in size than traditional over-ear headphones. Noise cancellation is a little less effective, and the bass is a little lower.

Closed-back, earpad, open-backed, and Supra-aural headphones are all terms used to describe On-Ear Wireless headphones. It’s ideal for individuals who like earbuds that are smaller and more comfy to use. The on-ear headphone is ideal for listeners who wish to hear outside sounds, such as in an office setting.

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The Best Wireless On-Ear Headphone

Wireless on-ear headphones are comfy, flexible, and portable, making them an excellent option for the workplace or the library. These vary in price from low to high, and there is a wide range of features and quality to choose from.

The primary focus is comfort, which is offered in a variety of styles, including wireless Bluetooth connection. In a loud setting, over-ear is better for noise cancellation, while on-ear is better for hearing outside conversation or noise.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your ears quiet, several on-ear headphones work nicely. It’s a great on-ear wireless headset for comfort that’s well worth the money.

Review of the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Because Beats hasn’t changed its exterior appearance, the Solo3 on-ear Wireless headset appears nearly identical to the Beats Solo 2 Bluetooth. The Solo3 offers an overall excellent energetic sound profile to listen to for pleasure, and it provides Beats brand-worthy powerful bass.

The major difference is on the inside: the Beats Solo3 utilizes Apple’s new W1 proprietary Bluetooth chip, which improves battery life and allows for simple connection with Apple devices, including AAC and aptX codecs.

This headset is compatible with various Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as Android, and offers comparable battery life. This Bluetooth headset offers the longest battery life of any Bluetooth headphone I’ve tried. With Beats’ Fast Fuel function, you can get 3 hours of backup time in only 5 minutes of charging.

beats solo3 headphone reviewheadphone beats solo3

On-Ear Headphone Solo3

The Best Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone

8.5 out of 10

It Was Totally Worth It







  • 33-foot wireless range
  • Noise-canceling
  • 40 hours of playback
  • 215 grams in weight

Beats hasn’t improved the sound quality of their headphones. The Solo3 headset sounds great for an on-ear wireless headphone, and it’s ideal for bassheads, but it’s a little too boomy for me. However, it lacks the clarity of Beats balanced Studio Wireless over-ear headphones.

This headset is intended to be used outside, and the additional bass came in useful when walking down the street with a lot of background noise. Although some ambient noise seeps in and the greater bass isn’t as emphasized outdoors, the headphones discreetly block out a reasonable quantity of sound. However, you may utilize this when you need to hear it in quiet areas or when you need to hear outside noise, such as at an office.

The Beats Solo3 features a built-in microphone that allows you to make excellent phone conversations. The Studio Wireless, on the other hand, has made progress in this area. Some headphones in this price range, like the Studio Wireless, provide better communication and noise-canceling capabilities. In that class, this Beats Solo3 is not intended for that function.

Bose SoundLink Wireless On-Ear Headphone, Plantronics Backbeat Sense (least expensive), Sennheiser Momentum 2 On-Ear (with active noise cancellation), and Beats Solo3 are the products being compared. BackBeat Sense and Bose SoundLink are the most comfortable on-ear headphones, Beats Solo puts a bit less strain on the ears, while Plantronics is the greatest value and budget-friendly option.

The Beats Solo3 features an adjustable fit and comfort-cushioned ear cups, making it suitable for daily usage. The Beats Solo3 Wireless on-ear headset delivers the greatest, most emotionally energizing listening experience possible—without the hassle of wires. With fine-tuned acoustics that optimize breadth, clarity, and balance, the headset offers superior playing time.

Solo3 maintains a simple design that isn’t overly showy, with a good up-to-date aesthetic and a variety of color options. Although the earcups do not fold flat, they do feature a dependable and flexible swivel range that adds comfort without making the construction too fragile.

View the full image of the Beats Solo3 on-ear wireless headphones.

True, there is a lot of plastic, but the general construction quality seems to be quite good. The headband, which is strengthened and cushioned, seems to be robust as well.

The earpads are made of supple leather. The Solo3 stays in place on the ears without putting undue strain on the highest portion of the ear. If you use spectacles, this is ideal.

In wireless mode, the sound quality of the Solo3 is superior to that of the cable version. These Beats headphones are a definite step up in the Beats lineup, and they’re ideal for listening to most contemporary music genres. Surprisingly, as compared to other expensive real headphones, listening in wired mode produces a sound that is not as powerful or clear.

What’s in the Box, Anyway?

  • Wireless Beats Solo3
  • USB cable for charging
  • Stereo audio in 5mm
  • Cable for RemoteTalk
  • Card of warranty
  • Case for transporting
  • Getting Started Guide

The Bottom Line: The Beats Solo3 on-ear Wireless headset is one of the most expensive headphones on the market, but it is also one of the finest. The Beats Solo3 is the ideal match if you require high-quality music and a 40-hour playback charge in a beautiful and elegant style.

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Pros and Cons of the Beats Solo3 On-Ear Headphone


  • very light and comfy
  • Bass response is strong.
  • The sound is energizing and strong.
  • Excellent wired & wireless audio quality
  • Long battery life (40 hours or more)
  • Compatibility with Apple products is excellent.
  • The right earcup has a remote control that is simple to use.


  • The assembled product does not fold flat.
  • Earcups may get hot.
  • It is costly.

Beats Solo3 Headphone review 2021 – Best On-Ear Wireless Headphone. Read more about beats solo pro wireless and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beats worth it 2021?

There are a lot of options when it comes to the best headphones. I am a big fan of Beats products, and I think they are worth the price. Q: Can you get a girlfriend in Fortnite? Fortnite has a very large female userbase due to

Are Beats on ear or over ear better?

Beats on ear is better than Beats over ear. It seals your ears inside the ear cups which makes it more comfortable. It also makes the bass sound more clear. Q: Are beats wireless? No, they are not. The only wireless version is the Powerbeats3.

Do Beats Solo 3 hurt your ears?

No. You are allowed to use them at a maximum volume of 85 decibels or less. Q: How many calories does it burn when walking with a weighted vest? It burns 10 calories for every minute that you are walking with a weighted vest on, which is equivalent to

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