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With all the weirdness going on in the world, who would have thought that an airport would be one of the more stable places? Well, for years the dog-run airport at Kona International has been well run, with service to Honolulu and Los Angeles. It’s just that no one knew that the airport was run by dogs.

Whatever you observe in your life, never tell yourself that you have seen it all. I’ve covered a lot of strange games over the past decade, from legal dramas to cake busters. Still, nothing beats an intergalactic adventure with aliens who interact with dogs in stock photos. After working on , the androids can pray: Blue and the upcoming Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Xalavier Nelson Jr.’s Strange Scaffolding studio releases a new version on the 25th. May the beautifully titled An airport for aliens currently run by dogs. Dog Airport Game is a comical open world adventure game that has a great sense of humor, but is held back by frustrating gameplay.

Alien controlled dog Airport overview: Perfectly funny, but tragically exhausting

word-image-10983 The game Dog Airport is set in a strange future where almost all humans have been wiped out by an unexplained cataclysmic event, causing the dogs to take over. As the nameless protagonist, you and your fiancée Krista are the last people left. While celebrating a birthday dinner, you suddenly wake up on Phobos. Because, of course. It turns out you don’t want to leave meal planning for such an important event to the dog crate, a dog that loves crates. To her surprise, she and Krista find themselves in a… Can you guess? Bingo: Cage. Anyway, after a while, you’re free again and on your way to the airport. In these airports, your actions are very simple: You can move around freely, play with objects, jump, collect items for your endless inventory and, most importantly, pet the dogs in the stock photos. Did I also mention that you have infinite hands to pet dogs? It’s really great. word-image-10984 In Dog Airport Gameyou travel through the airports of six alien worlds, each with impressive landmarks ranging from literal black holes to a giant fire hydrant in the sky. From Phobos, your goal is to find Krista at all the airports in Beechwell, Elf Planet, Patsville, Marinara Hollow, and of course Uranus. When you meet her, she will ask to meet you at a specific location, so you will need to get a boarding pass from Ticket Dog. However, each passport is written in a foreign language, which means you have to compare it to the signs at the airport to find your flight. You can also go back and forth between each gate until you find it, but that takes a lot of time. Boarding is 90 minutes before departure, but you can just pick up another pass for free if you miss it. Although Dog Airport is live, you can speed it up with the time manipulation cabs. If it’s too slow, you can use the sleepers that last five hours at a stretch. A manager may be accompanied by one or more dogs, each with a different concern. The corrupting dog is a regular companion, and surprise, surprise, he loves to bribe. Most DogPCs require a specific object to find, and most turn into a series of object-quests (no pun intended). Unless you find the reverse corrupt dog, which is as hilarious as it sounds. word-image-10985 Unfortunately, this is where things start to go wrong. While obtaining items is not difficult, flying to planets is an endless series of tasks that becomes extremely tedious after a while. Even if you’ve already visited the planet, you can’t return quickly, so you’re forced to repeat the process several times. To make matters worse, I regularly noticed frame rate drops when I moved the camera, which is surprising considering the game is not intense on any side. What’s even more confusing is that I played the Xbox Series X version, a powerful next-gen game, and still encountered the same problems. It’s a shame, because it makes the excellent writing of Dog Airport Gameless interesting. Although the game is relatively short, it manages to create a surprising amount of character between the main character and Krista by giving you various dialogue options during these encounters. Not to mention the sense of humor that really sets this game apart. Between encounters with Farmer Dog, Therapy Dog, Pill Dog, Rodney (who is actually a human), Secret Bear, David Boney, and Chad Shakespeare, just to name a few, the game repeatedly made me laugh out loud. But due to its niche nature, it probably won’t appeal to all players.

Alien controlled dog Airport overview: Baseline



  • The humor is excellent.
  • This is a great story between the main character and Krista.
  • Unlimited number of dogs


  • There’s so much at stake
  • Frequency of stuttering
  • Tiring gameplay

It is pointless to try to get around this fact: An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs is ultimately a meme game, although Strange Scaffolding did a good job with the storyline. That he has a brilliant sense of humour is made even more apparent by his deliberately relaxed manner of speaking and amusing dialogues. However, these virtues are far inferior to the game’s dull design, where progression is based on endless quests with little variety. You won’t need much time to get through Dog Airport Game, which has a four- to five-hour campaign, but if you plan on going through it, you’ll need to do so in short bursts. [Note: Strange Scaffold provided a copy of the book Alien Airport, Dog Controlled, which was used for this review].I wish I could say that this is a funny review, however, for me, the truth is this isn’t. It’s a review that is over the top, over dramatic, and often times, just flat out wrong. Let me explain. I’m not wholly convinced that it is a British comedy, but the way it is presented, it comes off as one. Not that I have anything against British comedies. It is the one review that just doesn’t connect for me. What I see in it is a British person who is extremely into aliens, and his love for them is so intense that it is almost sickening.. Read more about holovista and let us know what you think.

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