The best subtitles download websites are becoming as important to the movie and TV watching experience as Netflix. We go to the movies and TV shows every day, often without a word of the story that we’re watching. Therefore, the best subtitles download websites are an essential part of our daily lives.

There are a lot of websites that offers subtitles for movies and TV shows. But not all of them are good, and some of them are even poor, so which websites are the best? Did you know that these websites let you download or stream subtitles in various languages? Here are the best subtitle sites to download, download subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Danish, Czech, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Hungarian, Romanian, Latvian, Hindi, Hebrew, Romanian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German,

For those who want to watch English movies and/or TV shows but have no idea where to start, here’s some recommendations. Nowadays, there are several websites that offer subtitles for free, but which one is the best is something that everyone has to figure out for themselves. Subtitles are not a language or a culture, they are just additional information that helps understanding the plot.

Subtitles are created from transcripts or scripts to help people better understand what is happening in a scene. But for many people, subtitles are a bit annoying because they obscure most of the content and prevent them from watching the movie. Some people cannot watch videos or movies without subtitles because they help them better understand what the actors are saying, especially if the movie is in a foreign language or contains heavy passages.

For some people, subtitles simply enhance the viewing experience. But not all movies have built-in subtitles. For these movies, you need to download the subtitles externally using the best online subtitle download sites. There are many websites where you can download subtitles for movies. Below is a list of the best subtitle download sites you should consider.

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1. Subskene

Subscene is the most popular choice among subtitle download sites because it has the largest database of movies and TV shows from all over the world. The site has a simple search function for subtitles; all you need to know is the exact title and name. Users regularly create and upload subtitles. So you’ll probably find matches, even for obscure titles.

The site also allows you to search for results on different numbers in language. All subtitles available on this site are in SRT format. However, you can set a search filter to limit the results to certain languages. You also have the option of turning subtitles for the hearing impaired on or off.

2. Open subtitle

This is a website where you can find thousands of free movie subtitles. The ability to select a language is the most interesting option in a search, and downloads can be indirect. The site is also used to download new movie subtitles. The interface is a bit cluttered and difficult to navigate.

Any subtitles you download here will take you to the MKV player, which is unreliable at best. The site has the largest database of subtitles, with support for over 12 languages. On this page you will find subtitles that are hard to find on other similar subtitle download sites.

3. Search for subtitles

Subtitle Seeker is a meta search engine for subtitles. So instead of searching your own subtitle database, it pulls and merges results from over 15 subtitle sources on the web. It has the most efficient and complete subtitle search function. The table of contents on this page is clear and easy to use, so even inexperienced users can easily find their way around. The site’s homepage includes a search function that displays a word cloud based on the most common terms, as well as the most popular subtitles for 123movies TV shows and movies.

4. subtitle YIFY

YIFY Subtitles is one of the best subtitle download sites and is updated regularly. It has an improved, user-friendly interface that allows users to search for desired subtitles by genre and language. The site has the largest collection of subtitles for all current and popular movies.

On this page you can see the order and year of release of all downloaded movies. All subtitles downloaded here are targeted in PDF format, which makes it difficult to get them out later.

5. Addic7ed

Addic7ed is the most popular site to download subtitles of the latest TV series, movies, movie trailers, gossip and news. The site offers subtitles for genres that you won’t find on any other site. You can find subtitles in the most popular languages including Tamil subtitles, English subtitles and Telugu subtitles.

No registration or connection is required to download the subtitles. You can easily start downloading subtitles without an account. You can also view the programs and movies that are currently being translated, as well as those that are already 100% complete.

6. is another popular site where you can download free unlimited subtitles for TV shows, series and even movies. The website has a clean and user-friendly interface that allows for easy and uncomplicated navigation. The subtitles are divided into two sections, TV shows and movies. This makes it easier to find the subtitles you want, and you can easily find the subtitles you want by using the special search bar. You can also exchange subtitle files with other users. It is possible to upload subtitles so that others can download and use them.

7. Subtitles box!

If you’re having trouble finding subtitles for the latest TV shows and releases, check out Subtitles Box where you’ll find free DivX subtitles for the latest trailers, TV shows and movies. The site’s interface is clean and user-friendly, with no distracting images, ads or movie posters. The site’s home page contains a search bar and several useful links. You can use it to search for the subtitles you want. Simply download the subtitles and enjoy the movie.

8. Movie subtitles

This is another site that has the great advantage of offering movie subtitles in different languages. If you are looking for subtitles for new movies in your favorite language, you will find them on this page. On the home page, you will find a search bar which allows you to search for subtitles of your favourite films in the language of your choice.


There are hundreds of websites on the internet where you can easily download subtitles. But the above sites are the best subtitle download sites to consider for optimal viewing of subtitled movies. Download subtitles for the latest movies and releases in the language of your choice and enjoy watching with subtitles to better understand what’s going on.Subtitles are usually available in only a few languages, but with the growing popularity of films these days, that’s not the case now. And when you find a good quality subtitle file, you may have a hard time downloading it. Here are the top websites to download subtitles from.. Read more about subtitle download srt and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site for downloading subtitles? is the best site for downloading subtitles.

Which is the best website to download English movies with subtitles?

There are many websites that provide English movies with subtitles. Here are some of the best websites to download English movies with subtitles:

Where can I download movies with subtitles?

Many movies are available with subtitles on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and iTunes. downloadget subtitlessubtitle downloaderscene subtitles downloadsubtitle download srtyify subtitles app download,People also search for,Feedback,Privacy settings,How Search works, download,get subtitles,subtitle downloader,scene subtitles download,subtitle download srt,yify subtitles app download,movie subtitle downloader free download,podnapisi subtitles plex

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