Sometimes the best way to get in touch with nature is to get close to home. One lightening fast way to do this is through a yoga practice. The practice is very relaxing and can help release stress and tension. This photo series of mom and kids yoga is a great way for both to have some bonding time.

According to Yoga Journal, yoga for kids can be a wonderful addition to a child’s daily routine. In addition to helping kids develop flexibility, core strength, and muscle tone, it can help improve concentration and mental focus, and alleviate stress and anxiety.

As you know, yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that is a great way to relax and increase flexibility, but it also helps improve muscle tone and can help with weight loss. If you have kids, you can start teaching them the different poses from the age of 5 or 6 and they can start practicing yoga at home. This will help them learn the benefits of yoga, and if they are more physically active, it will help maintain their fitness. Since kids tend to be more active than adults, you will usually see better results.

On our Facebook page, we’ve always asked DOYOU yoga moms to submit photos showing you practicing asana, sharing prana and basking in happiness with your little darlings.

Here are 12 of the most attractive, adorable and cuddly we’ve seen, but haven’t highlighted yet. Let us know if you see your photo below!

1. Here is the mother bear Candra in the grass with her two cubs in Downward Dog.

2. Christina is pictured here with her thumbnail casting shadows on the sand, in a hand over thumb pose.

3. Delia and her toddler work on a full body stretch in a seated forward bend.

4. Eileen and her sweet little son love to play in the AcroYoga Bow Pose configuration!

5. Carrie and her team relax into a triangle pose.

6. While Jen opens her heart in the Bow Up, her little man gets zen in the Easy Pose.

7. Jen and her little girl are here in a mu-tastic cow pose.

8. Give Lynn and her little yogi a pat on the head at Partner Dog.

9th @camonlipstick on Instagram sure to get her offspring into yoga early!

10. Here Cory holds her mini yogi in a glorious grasshopper pose.

11. What do you think of Maina and her little girl walking around in a Cobra pose?

12. Finally, put your hands together for Sarah and her mini reversal in two headstands.

Congratulations to our yoga mothers who take the time and energy to share this wonderful practice and lifestyle with their children. After all, who wouldn’t want their children to enjoy the wonders yoga has to offer? What is YOUR favorite yoga pose to do with your little ones?

Keep up the good work, and feel free to share the photos below!

Photo credits: Joanna Cristina Lizares Co. on Facebook

I wanted to share some beautiful photos of me and my kids doing yoga, and wanted to thank my mom for helping me take the photos, and thanks to all of the amazing moms out there that take these photos for us.. Read more about kids yoga poses and let us know what you think.

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