Are you looking for the best deals on IPS monitors today? Here’s a list of some of the most popular models, with specs and features comparison.

The “black friday gaming monitor deals 2020” is a list of 10+ best IPS monitor Black Friday deals to get. The monitors are all under $400, which makes them affordable and perfect for gamers.

10+ best IPS monitor Black Friday deals to get


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  • It’s no secret that IPS displays are preferred by both IT and photography/video pros.
  • They have Shadow Boost Technology, which clarifies dark areas without overexposing brighter ones.
  • You’ll also discover a monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC certification below, which allows for a smooth, tear-free gaming experience.


Having monster PC specifications is useless unless your monitor can keep up. Gamers prefer TN displays and avoid ISP monitors, although IT and photography/video professionals use them extensively.

They are, in fact, unrivaled in terms of color and viewing angles. The only drawback is the frequency of refreshes.

With that in mind, we can definitely recommend a few ISP monitors that vary in features and price. And, if you’re ready to put money into a long-term investment, what better opportunity to do so than during Black Friday’s massive discounts?

What factors should you consider while purchasing an IPS monitor?

Our team of skilled testers has addressed a range of testing assignments for every device you can imagine, with a combined expertise of 15 years.

When selecting the items detailed in this guide, their expertise is a critical thing to consider, and a wide range of criteria have been taken into account.

The solutions picked are of excellent quality and span a wide variety of price points, allowing everyone to find something that meets their demands, both financially and otherwise.

  • Gaming monitor with a 32-inch WQHD (25601440) resolution.
  • Curved display with a high frequency of 240Hz
  • 1 millisecond reaction time
  • HDMI, G-Sync, and FreeSync Premium Pro are some of the features available.
  • QLED is a kind of light-emitting di

You can’t go wrong with the Samsung Odyssey G7 if you’re seeking for the best gaming display for your PC.

This 32-inch monitor has 1.7 times the pixel density of Full HD, resulting in clear, detailed, and sharp visuals, and the curved form will aid immersion.

Odyssey’s 240Hz refresh rate is up to four times faster than what you’d receive on a regular screen.

And the 1ms reaction time doubles that pace. This is the best combination for any fast-paced gaming activity.

  • 27-inch IPS display with WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution.
  • 100% of the sRGB gamut is reproduced
  • Connectivity options include USB hubs, USB-C, DisplayPort Daisy-chaining, and HDMI.
  • Adjustable height for eye care
  • When connected in through USB-C, it does not wake up.

Despite the fact that the ASUS ProArt PA278CV was not built for gaming, its 75Hz refresh rate is enough for strategy and adventure games.

However, since it reproduces 100% of the sRGB gamut, this 27-inch IPS panel is ideal for graphic creation.

It also shines in terms of connection, including DP over USB-C with 65W power supply, DisplayPort, HDMI, and a handy USB 3.1 hub.

With the daisy-chaining option, you may connect up to four monitors through DisplayPort for a multi-display workspace.

  • The refresh rate is 360Hz.
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p on a 24.5-inch display
  • G-SYNC Certified by NVIDIA
  • VESA mounting support 100mm x 100mm
  • sRGB color coverage of 99 percent

Even though the Alienware AW2521H only has a Full HD resolution, when you combine that with its 24.5 inch diagonal, you have a great pixel per inch ratio.

After all, the display is certified by NVIDIA G-SYNC, which ensures a smooth, tear-free gaming experience.

If you need any more convincing, the display features a 360Hz refresh rate, making it a premium action gaming monitor.

The swivel and height-adjustable stand also lets you to customize your viewing angle to your liking.

  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Gaming Monitor (23.8 Inches)
  • Radeon FreeSync Technology is a feature of AMD Radeon graphics cards.
  • This is a zero frame.
  • 1ms VRB and 144Hz refresh rate
  • 2 HDMI ports 1 × Display Port and 2 x 2.0 Ports
  • There is no swivel or height adjustment on this chair.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to keep up with your extreme gaming habits, the Acer Nitro VG240Y is a terrific option.

This 23.8-inch monitor will wow you with its 144Hz refresh rate, even if it doesn’t appear like a premium display and doesn’t have any height or swivel adjustment options.

And when you combine it with AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology and Full HD resolution, you’ve got yourself a fantastic gaming display.

In truth, the frameless look isn’t too awful, and you still have two HDMI connectors and a Display Port to connect your devices.

  • IPS (in-plane switching) display in full HD
  • 1ms reaction time and 144Hz refresh rate
  • Low Motion Blur (Extremely Low Motion Blur)
  • Speaker built-in
  • Compatible with G-SYNC and Adaptive-Sync
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • There have been several reports of backlight difficulties.

The ASUS TUF VG259Q is another affordable gaming monitor worth considering, if not for the Full HD resolution, then for the 144Hz refresh rate and 1 ms reaction time.

This ASUS panel has several unique features for a 25-inch monitor, such as Shadow Boost Technology, which clarifies dark regions without overexposing brighter parts.

This can greatly assist you in identifying adversaries in dim locations. Extreme low motion blur (ELMB), which decreases ghosting, is another useful technique.

Finally, the stand’s height and tilt adjustments are a terrific way to modify the viewing circumstances.

  • IPS Display with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440)
  • HDR 10
  • sRGB has a color gamut of 99 percent.
  • AMD FreeSync is a software that allows you to sync
  • 75 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Design with Virtually No Borders on Three Sides

The LG 24QP500-B, a 24-inch monitor with a superb QHD resolution and HDR 10 technology, would be an ideal purchase for a graphic designer or editor.

Its 3-sided borderless design makes it a fantastic multi-monitor option as well. The 99 percent replication of the sRGB color spectrum is, nevertheless, the finest attribute for a designer.

The display, however, boasts Radeon FreeSync technology and a 75Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for super-smooth gaming.

Unfortunately, the display’s height cannot be altered, but with its sleek design and attractive stand, it would look fantastic in any workplace.

  • IPS Display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Response time of 0.5 milliseconds (MPRT)
  • DCI-P3 92 percent
  • FreeSync Premium with HDR Ready
  • 2x USB 3.0, 1x Display Port 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0

Prepare for smooth gaming with the Gigabyte M27Q, which has AMD FreeSync Premium and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

While you combine the 170Hz refresh rate with the 0.5 ms reaction time, you know you’re in for a treat when playing the newest games.

The tilt and height settings on the 27-inch display allow you to customize your viewing experience and comfort.

In addition to being comfortable, this monitor is equipped with Low Blue Light & Flicker technology, which helps to prevent eye fatigue.

  • Bezel that is ultra-thin
  • Image quality with adaptive brightness
  • Stereo speakers built-in
  • IPS (in-plane switching) technology provides a broad viewing angle.
  • Backlight leakage was noted by some users.

The BenQ GW2480 is a fantastic 24-inch monitor with IPS technology that is ideal for picture and image processing.

It’s flicker-free, so you can work for long periods of time without becoming tired of your eyes, and the narrow bezel provides you a superb view of the Full HD content.

The stand isn’t adjustable in height, but it does have a wonderful cable management system built in, so you won’t have any clutter on your desk. HDMI, Display Connector, and even the ancient D-sub port are all included.

  • VESA mounting and built-in speakers
  • Tilt/height adjustment
  • Refresh rate of 75 Hz
  • Three sides have ultra-thin bezels.
  • Excellent value for money
  • The design of the stand might be improved.

The HP 24mh FHD monitor can be the ideal pick if you want a nice display for working and enjoying movies. It also comes with a lot of cool features at a reasonable price.

The screen is Full HD with a 75 Hz refresh rate and built-in speakers, but the finest part may be the realization that the bezel on three sides is nearly undetectable.

It has HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA connectors for communication, so you’re prepared for any scenario.

  • IPS display with a 34-inch UltraWide curvature
  • There are two USB 3.0 Quick Charge ports on the device.
  • Resolution: 3840 x 1440 pixels
  • Aspect ratio of 21:9

LG has created a beautiful monitor. This monitor will meet your demands whether you’re a gamer, a professional, or someone who enjoys multimedia material (the 21:9 aspect ratio is ideal for movies).

sRGB color accuracy of over 99 percent, USB 3.0 Quick Charge connections, and Screen Split 2.0 are among the standout features (Picture-in-Picture mode).

  • Price is really reasonable.
  • Ideal for office use
  • VESA mounting and built-in speakers
  • Bezels that are very thin

In the IPS market, it’s a strong contender. A huge, 23.8-inch display with IPS-standard viewing angles, integrated speakers, and 2 million pixels for crystal-clear images and lively picture quality is available for a relatively low price.

It’s ideal for business, but it also provides a fantastic perspective for a movie night. If it meets your needs, it’s a worthwhile purchase.


The material is vibrant and realistic thanks to the HDR10 high dynamic range standards and the sRGB 99 percent Color Gamut.

We provide a particular feature to the HDCP 2.2 port that enables you to watch 4K material from streaming services, consoles, and BluRay disc players.

Specifications for the LG 27UK650-W are as follows:

  • 27-inch screen size
  • 3840 x 2160 4K UHD resolution
  • 178° viewing angles
  • 5ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 are the signal inputs.

Get it from Amazon right now.


Some monitor manufacturers include a variety of goofy features, but this one has more than a handful that contribute to its appeal.

The Clever Focus function allows you set a focus point and dims everything around it, while the smart Brightness Intelligence Technology reduces the brightness automatically depending on the on-screen content.

They are, in essence, ideal qualities for reducing eye strain and tiredness in regular usage.

Specifications for the BenQ EW2770QZ:

  • 27-inch screen size
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels (QHD)
  • 178° viewing angles
  • 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HDMI and DisplayPort are the signal inputs.

Get it from Amazon right now.


The 1ms Motion Blur Reduction and AMD FreeSync technology, as well as three game modes for FPS and RTS games, are the main selling factors for this LG monitor.

The Black Stabilizer will help you make the most of the dark on-screen objects, while the Crosshair Stabilizer will guarantee that you get the greatest experience possible in any fast-paced FPS.

LG 34UM69G-B specifications:

  • 34-inch widescreen display
  • Full HD 2560x1080p resolution
  • 178° viewing angles
  • 1ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HDMI, Display Port, and USB-C are the signal inputs.

Get it from Amazon right now.


The completely customizable design, which is unparalleled in this price range, is only topped by the excellent image quality with a high 2 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

It’s a great suit for professionals or home users, but it’ll also work well for gaming since ghosting and slowness aren’t a problem.

Specifications for the Dell P2214H:

  • Size of the screen: 22-inch widescreen
  • FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 178° viewing angles
  • 8ms response time and 76 Hz refresh rate
  • 1.78:1 aspect ratio
  • VGA, DisplayPort, DVI-D, and USB are the signal inputs.

Get it from Amazon right now.

That brings us to the end of our selection of the finest IPS monitor offers available right now.

You can also have a look at our list of the top ultrawide monitor deals to add more items to your wish list.

Have you made up your mind? Tell us about your decision in the comments box below, as other readers may be interested in hearing about it.

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